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Every product is scaled from 1-5 indicating the strength what is found at the top and the side of the can. For your comfort strength is highlighted in a darker color so you wouldn’t miss it!

The nicotine content is not only determined its strength but also rating the whole product experience. You need to be aware that nicotine content might not be the same as the perceived strength as it depends on the amount of nicotine absorbed from the pouch which also depends on several factors.

You can find the nicotine content on each product description under the can.

Nord Snus products are very discreet and convenient to use. No one would see that you have it under your lip because the pouch itself is thin and small. You can use it while at work on long journeys, parties, or at home when you relax from the everyday rush.

Take the can, break perforation on side label with a slight twist. Take off the lid and put the pouch under your upper lip and that’s it. We also recommend for maximum enjoyment of the product, use it a minimum of 5 minutes up to an hour. You will feel a slight tingling sensation that is produced by the nicotine under your lip. This feeling will decrease in intensity. Discard the pouch in the waste compartment on the top of the lid after use. Enjoy!

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