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The design team is ready to start working on your new exciting product line-up. We can make full circle White Label starting with draft visuals to whole product branding so that each is made uniquely to suit your business model, vision, and ready to ship out to costumers. All you need to do is contact us.

Nord Snus is one of the largest Nicotine White pouch manufacturers in Northern Europe.  We support many of satisfied companies around the world with premium white label Design Nicotine White pouch of exceptional flavour and quality.

Why White Label? As a white label company, you are legally permitted to place your brand name on a product that has been produced by someone else. White label partnerships are widespread throughout various industries, including different value brands from cereal and bread to business marketing and beyond.

Nord Snus can help you bring your brand to market every step of the way.

We can produce logos, product packaging, and Point-of-Sale solutions. We can speed up the prototyping process by producing true-to-life renders. These digital images are often indistinguishable from the finished product and allow our partners to see what their finished display or product is going to look like, without the need for producing costly physical prototypes.

The finished product will always be tailored to your requirements, ensuring that your display or product has the biggest possible impact on your target audience.

Private label process

The following steps illustrate the process of going towards your own private label. This is a general process, deviation from this process is always possible. Please contact us for more information.

Step – 01

Application process

A request for a private label brand starts with a meeting with one of our export managers. The minimum amount for production depends on the product and package. The export manager provides the client with more specific information.

After approval  the client provides their specifications: product type, package content and important considerations regarding product legislation. It is very important that Nord Snus is informed about possible special needs early in the process.

Step – 02

Setting up

As soon as we have received all the necessary information, we will provide you with different product samples. Both new and existing recipes can be used by the client. Moreover, Nord Snus provides the client with package suggestions. Unique packaging elements are only available with a minimum order quantity.

Step – 03


After the client approves of the recipe and package, we develop artwork and send them for approval.

Step – 04

First production

When all the product elements are approved (recipe, package, and artwork), the first production will take place. The production will be accompanied by multiple qualified employees to assure the end result meets the client’s standards.

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